About Killian McGrath


I'm Killian McGrath - Co-Founder of Unhashed.com, Cryptocurrency Investor, and Ex-Professional Poker Player.

I've taken a fairly unique path in life and I plan to use this website to share what I've learned and encourage others to do something they're passionate about.

My Story (Quick Version)

Though I was a straight A student through middle school, I lost interest the moment I started High School. Fast forward to my junior year and I was expelled from my private catholic high school for a long list of demerits. (If it helps you get through this story, imagine I did something cool.)

This expulsion turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me.

Somehow, I convinced my parents to let me finish high school online. What they didn't know, was my real plan... to spend my days improving at poker (in particular heads up no limit Texas hol'dem SNGs), in the hopes of one day becoming a professional poker player.

Luckily, my plan worked and I moved to Vegas just a few months after turning 18. You of course need to be 21 to play in Vegas poker rooms, but I played entirely online.

For those familiar with the history of online poker, I began my poker career roughly a year after "Black Friday". While initially there was enough action for me on the remaining U.S. serving poker sites, I quickly moved up the stakes and moved out of the country. Once in Vancouver (the Canadian one), I began playing on PokerStars. Eventually I climbed to the highest stakes of HUSNGS.

Due to the depressing Vancouver weather (though the city is otherwise amazing), I only lasted 5 months. From there I visited my parents back in the States.

Needing to move money to new poker sites, I first came across Bitcoin in 2013. Unfortunately, I didn't look much into it and just used it as a pure means of exchange. This is not one of those Bitcoin millionaire stories.

I continued to play poker professionally until roughly 2016, when I began to lose interest. For a while I attempted to transition to Daily Fantasy Sports, before deciding to leave the gambling lifestyle.

Gambling for a living is incredibly stressful and requires a huge amount of time and effort to be truly successful. In poker, you can't make money if your not at the tables.

In my search for a career that would offer a less stressful life, I began researching digital marketing. Like many others in the space, I started by creating a number of simple affiliate marketing websites.

While I had a fair bit of initial success with these websites, I wasn't particularly passionate about what I was doing. Thus when the cryptocurrency boom started raging in 2017, I decided to try my hand at trading cryptos.

As I got deeper and more passionate about the cryptocurrency space, I felt there was a lack of solid educational content. With that thought, Unhashed.com was born.

While we initially launched providing cryptocurrency guides and product reviews, we've since added news and market tools to the mix.

Going forward I hope to build Unhashed into the largest and most well respected cryptocurrency content site, while spreading the knowledge of this groundbreaking technology.

This is a quick version of my story, but I plan to fill the gaps as I get more free time.

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