CSS Code

Breaking Away From Bootstrap CSS Framework

I began teaching myself how to code a little less than a year ago to give myself the ability to start any website I wanted without having to hire a programmer. While I’ve genuinely enjoyed figuring out how to solve the logical problems required to make certain tools and apps, I absolutely loathe working on…

Javascript Code Example

Have Projects In Mind When Teaching Yourself to Code

Though I have a VERY long way to go in becoming a good programmer, I feel my progress teaching myself to code has exceeded what the average beginner achieves in a similar time frame. While you could argue that I could have learned more in this time, I think it’s at least safe to say…

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin 101 | Everything Beginners Need to Know

Bitcoin 101 – What This Guide Will Cover In 2013, I first heard about Bitcoin. Unfortunately, this is NOT a story of me buying and holding it to become a quick Bitcoin millionaire. Instead, this is the type of Bitcoin 101 guide that I wish existed at the time, while being current for Bitcoin in…

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